How to create an account?
It’s very simple. Go to the main page, click "Sign up" and complete the short form providing us your working e-mail and password. The registration takes no more than one minute.
What can I do when I have an account?
You have the access to all Mp3Panda’s services. All the main site functions are seen when you are logged in. Look in the up right corner of the page and discover what you can do:
  • Refill Balance (without credits you are unable to download music)
  • Downloads – that’s where you see your recently purchased music and where you can download your purchased files
  • Setup – here you can
    1. refill balance
    2. discover and download our Download Manager
    3. track your billing information and see payments history
    4. edit your profile and change your password
  • Support – access our knowledgebase or send a question to Customer Service
Is my account secure?
Mp3Panda uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all functions that require personal information. Doing so protects the confidentiality of your personal and billing information while it's transmitted over the Internet.
To make your account even more secure, follow this simple instruction:
  • Log out after you finished purchasing and downloading
  • Do not use the same password for many online accounts
  • Don’t share your password with anyone including your family members
  • Change your password often, that will reduce the chance that someone else will break it up
  • Try to create as unique password as you can – use many different characters, do not use simple things like 12345, your home address or birth date
How to change my password?
Every registered user can change his password.
Go to "Setup", select "Profile" and follow the simple and easy instruction.
I forgot my password – what shall I do?
Write your registered e-mail in the special form and we will send you the password. As we don’t know the password you lost, our system will create a random password that you can use to login. We recommend to change this new password.
I get "Login Error!" message every time I try to log in. What can I do?
  1. Make sure you have typed the correct information.
  2. Check if CAPS LOCK is enabled, passwords are case sensitive.
If the problem remains unsolved, you can change your password at the special form or contact our Customer Service
Is collection big? has about 2 300 000 songs and we enrich our collection on a regular basis.
How often do you upload new music?
MP3Panda uploads about 400 albums every day.
How can I browse the catalog?
Start from the main page.
  1. We have listed specially for you current Popular tracks and general Top Downloads
  2. The four main charts are at the bottom of the page – World Top, Euro Top, UK top and USA top.
  3. Discover New Albums. See the latest updates, albums of the week (you can select any week, like 02/08/10-02/14/10) and archive. Archive is organized according to the year weeks (for example 21st week of 2009).
  4. To get the full charts list go to chart page.
  5. Browse our catalog according to the genre. Inside of every genre, the artists are organized according to the alphabet and year. For example, you can get Folk artists starting with E and folk artists who released albums in 1974.
  6. Find all the soundtracks here.
  7. Use our search. Type in anything you want to find. The search results are built according to artist, album and song.
Before purchasing you have to add funds to your account.
How can I add funds?
  1. Log in Mp3Panda
  2. Press "Add Funds"
  3. Select the option you want
  4. Complete the form (we take only Visa and MasterCard), press "Pay Now"
  5. Refresh the page and receive credits on your account
I want to refund my payment. Can I get my money back?
The fact that you have added money to your account means that you have agreed to spend it in total for Mp3Panda’s services. You can learn about our refund policy here. If you have any questions or want to refund your payment, please contact our Customer Service.
I have added money to my account but there are no changes after the payment. What can I do?
Our Customer Service is ready to help you. Please, provide the payment details and we will try to do our best to solve your problem.
How can I purchase music?
  1. Use all ways to find what you want to purchase – search, charts, new albums, genres.
  2. When you are on the artist page, you have the list of his albums, so you can press "download album"
    If you are on the album page, you can "download album", "download track", or select several tracks ticking the ones you like and pressing “download selected”.
    Preview any song for the first 30 sec. for free clicking on Panda.
  3. When you click any of “download” buttons, you will see the message:
    "Your account will be charged at the rate of $-- for this operation".
    Confirm your purchase if you really want to download it.
  4. You will see another message telling you what you have just purchased and that "Purchased files are available to download". You have two options: to continue browsing and purchasing or go to "downloads" and start downloading.
  5. If you select "Go to download" you will be redirected to the downloads page. There you have a list of your just purchased tracks and important message:

Attention! Don't left-click!
To download, right-click the link Download and choose Save Target As…(or Save Link As…).
All the ordered files are available for download within 48 hours. You'll have to order these files again to be able to download them after that period.

It means exactly what it says. You have 48 hours to download your track(s) on your computer. It is very convenient as you can purchase the track at your work computer and download it at home or vice versa. In addition, you can download your track(s) from the "Downloads" page for unlimited times. When the 48-hour download period expires, your tracks are deleted from the page and you have to re-find all the necessary songs and to pay for them again.

Now you have purchased the track(s) and you can proceed with downloading.
How to download music from downloads page?
Right click "download" related to a track you want to download, select "Save Target As".

You can’t download all the tracks at once.
Download Manager
What is Download Manager?
Download Manager is a free program that will help you to download mp3 content from our site much faster. It was specially created for Mp3Panda. The program and the site are fully integrated in each other. Once you downloaded the program, you can browse the site and download tracks through it. User-friendly interface and comfortable usability make the download process easy and quick. This program simplifies downloading and helps you to avoid any errors.
How can I get Download Manager?
Please, go to this page. Do not forget to log in before clicking the link.
What are the advantages of Download Manager?
  • Usability. It’s very easy to browse the artists according to the alphabet. Click on the letter, select the artist, see all the albums, select the one you need, and see all the tracks. Tick the tracks you like and buy them. You can order the whole album as well.
  • Search. Type in the search field anything you are looking for, press GO and get the results according to the artist, album and track.
  • Preview of any track for the first 30 sec.
  • Your downloads. You can always follow the downloading process.
  • Folder. Browse your system without opening additional windows, play your downloaded files clicking them inside of the program.
  • History. All your downloads are remembered by the program and you can always access the history of your purchases. It shows name of the track, its size and the date when you bought it.
  • Charts. You can follow the USA, UK, Europe and World charts.
  • Top Downloads. We show the best-selling albums on Mp3Panda.
  • New Albums. You always know about the recent updates of our base.
  • Search Results. Go there and see the results of your last search requirement.
  • Settings:
    - Select and change your folder for storing music anytime
    - Arrange the file names as you wish
    - Download settings – automatically or not
    - Connection settings include Proxy Server details
How to download?
  1. Before downloading check if you have credits, if you don’t have any, see Purchasing → How can I add funds.
  2. Check where your tracks will be stored. Go to "Folder". Download Manager automatically created Mp3Panda folder in your computer system. If you agree to store your files there, do nothing, if you want to change your folder, press "Settings" → "Folders" → "Browse".
  3. Click "Mp3 Browser" and browse the site to find your favorite album or song using Search, Genres, New Albums, Charts or the alphabet.
  4. Click the name of the album you want to see. Press "Download album" to get it all, press "download" to get one track or tick several tracks and press “download selected” in the bottom of the page. Confirm your payment.
  5. Go to "Downloads" and see how all the songs you selected are quickly downloading.
  6. When the downloading process is completed, go to "Folder" to check if your album downloaded in the right folder.
Are downloads limited?
Yes, you can download no more than 500 tracks per 24 hours.
What shall I do if the system does not work?
It is pleasure for us to help you. If you have any problem, please, contact our Customer Service.
iTunes deleted my music. How can I prevent that in future?
If you sync your iPod with iTunes, all the music in the iPod will be deleted. What you need to do is to click on your iPod icon when you connect it to the computer and then check "Manually manage music". After that you need to create a playlist, put all the songs you want to add in your iPod, then under the iPod click on Music, and you will see "Autofill from:" below the window. Select the playlist you created and click on Autofill. Thus the songs will be added without deleting the ones which were already on the iPod.
Due to our experience - many of our users have plenty of problems with iTunes. So we advise you to use some another media player like WinAmp, AIMP or foobar2000 for Windows and VLC, Songbird or Cog for Mac OS X.
Listening to music
What program should I use for playing the files from
You can use any program that supports MP3 files, for example Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Zune etc.
What devices can play the files downloaded from
The music store provides you all the files in a fully compatible MP3 format. It means that you can burn your CDs, download music in any digital device including iPod, iPhone, PSP, PDA, mp3 players and any mobile phones that have mp3 player.
Can I prelisten to the music before I download it? allows you to prelisten any music for free during the first 30 seconds of the track.
Is your content DRM-free?
Yes, all our music is DRM-free.
Is there any warranty on services?
As we are uploading thousands of tracks from the different sources (CDs, LPs, etc) the quality of mp3 varies up to 320kbps. The quality of each track is indicated on the Album page, so you can make decision yourself whether you want to download music in this quality. If you find quality of some tracks extremely poor you should write us and we will replace this material on the site and will refund you the payment for this track/album.

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